As far as your fingertips take me

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As far as my fingertips take me

by Tania El Khoury

This is an answer to the poem written on the wall of Tania El Khoury’s performance space

When I am laid, am laid in earth,
may my wrongs create
No trouble, no trouble in, in thy breast
Remember me, but ah forget my fate

In Switzerland chances are high for men to reach the age of 77, women the age of 83
Life means working, getting up early in the morning to take part in society
Activity is counted in salary wages about 6000 fr
People try to find free time, to breath, to relax
They would like to enjoy the present
But there are all these tasks, responsibilities
Pay the rent and loans, the next holidays
House, car and children
If the last MacbookAir is broken you need to buy a new one
This will also cost you 1000fr
In the morning traffic jam all the faces are stressed
Facing the crowd
Feeling short of breath
They are all individuals
They no longer feel empathy
They no longer feel empathy

If I stay stay stay stay
could change my viewpoint
listing to the sound of wind in the trees
yours arms around my back
we only want what everyone wants

Lines and traces are like soft words on my skin
Raising the two of us
We are here, we are Europeans, and we are not at the same place as you are
Frontiers are between us
The arm becomes the mirror for our relationship
Taking fingerprints for identification
Your passport please !
The palm of my hand
As deepest point of the Mediterranean
A woman told about walking
Walking and carrying
The whole burden
Together alone
And history repeats
The same sentences

But I understand the foul play
I now feel that this is me, and all the others
There is no excuse, no guilt
But just a fact
My body is frontier, I gave you my arm
but I didn’t let you in
And the gap remains

Who said this cannot go on
Sorry brother, it’s gone on and on
Adding salt to the wound
And your cares drown in sorrow with every drop of blood

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